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An audio player for musicians

  • Slow down audio
  • Play in different keys
  • Adjust EQ and focus on an instrument
  • Learn at a slow tempo, play better
  • Automatically increase tempo
  • Learn songs in detail
  • Mark and label points in a song
  • Practice efficiently
  • Transcribe music more easily

For macOS (High Sierra and later)


What is Playable?

Playable is an audio player built to help you learn, practice, and transcribe music. It lets you take control of playback, featuring instantaneous, high-quality, real-time adjustment of tempo, pitch, EQ, and other parameters.

Set a tempo to pick out details and learn to play parts comfortably, then gently increase the tempo until you can play the music at full speed. When transcribing, you can make solid progress, navigating between sections easily.

Playable allows you to quickly load your audio files as you need them, and have your tracks at your fingertips. Create and load your setlist, then play along with your music at the tempo you choose, slowing down when you need to.

Got a tricky piece of music? No problem. Select a region to create a loop, then use the tempo ramp to steadily increase the tempo so you can really nail that part.

Change pitch for fine adjustment or key change, no need to retune or adjust your instrument.

That piece of music that you never thought you could play is now under your control. When you're trying to break down a tricky drum pattern, transcribe a complex bass line, hone your ability to play a nuanced sax solo, or perfect some fast lead guitar, we think you'll have a great time doing it using Playable.

You are capable of amazing things. Try Playable for free and find out.

What people say

"Adding tempo increases per loop is an excellent idea, and works seamlessly. Pitch alteration sounds very natural. Loop area selection is intuitive and easy to adjust. Sound quality is very good, Playable is very simple and intuitive to use. This would be an excellent tool for anyone wanting to listen to a song or track at a variety of tempi. I am very impressed with the ease of use of this audio tool: it'd be great for singers wishing to learn a song in different keys, or for guitarist wanting to slow a solo down to learn it, or for gradually increasing the speed of scales and arpeggios - there are so many uses for this. All I can say is: well done Playable! A useful simple tool for every musician that is not over complicated, is easy and intuitive to use, and ticks all the boxes with regards to sound quality. Recommended!"

Ben Henderson - Music technology, sound engineering and sound for film teacher. Author of several qualifications. Signed artist in Japan, and multi-instrumentalist, producer and studio owner in the UK.

"I want to tell you that your program is fantastic! I've never experienced another comprehensive woodshedding app like it."

Mark Danisovszky - Full time professional musician and theatrical musical director. Solo accordionist with the San Diego Symphony.

For macOS (High Sierra and later)